Micellar Water with Rosa Damascena

Ingredients (INCI): Rosa Damascena Flower water, Glycerin.

How to use? In the morning and in the evening, with a cotton pad, clean gently the skin of your face and after that sprinkle generously for toning. You are ready for a busy day or for a recharging night sleep.

100 ml glass spray bottle, inside a printed cardstock box.

31,63 лв.
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Micellar Water with Rosa Damascena

It is of great importance for modern people to cleanse well their face so that the skin remains beautiful and young for a longer time. This is why proper skin cleansing care is of huge importance both for women and men. The micellar water with Rosa Damascena is free of alcohol, colorants, aromatisers or soap. It is suitable for all skin types and what is most important, it may be used to treat the most tender areas of the face, such as the area around the eyes. You can use it to clean make-up, dirt and dust, to refresh and tone your skin without fearing unpleasant allergic reactions. It cleans the epidermis in depth, prevents clogging of pores and other skin problems.

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