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Lemon balm essential oil pearls

Dietary supplement for alleviating the following conditions: restless sleep, neurosis, frequent outbursts, general stress, anxiety attacks.

Contents: Lemon balm Essential Oil, cold pressed sunflower seed oil, gelatin coating.

Dosage: 1 pearl each evening, 30 minutes before going to bed.

30 pieces in a blister pack, inside a printed cardstock sleeve.

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Lemon balm essential oil pearls

We have all heard from our grandmothers about Melissa or the so-called “lemon balm”. It is highly respected by herbalists because of its rich chemical composition. In the antiquity it was a remedy used by the healers from Ancient Greece to heal any disorders of the nervous system and various bacterial infections.

Melissa essential oil contains citral, citronellol, geraniol and other substances which have a spasmolytic effect on the alimentary and the respiratory system. It comprises also vitamin C, carotene, organic acids and flavonoids. The latter are beneficial for the body because they fight the free radicals in it, strengthen the immune system and have an antioxidant and antiseptic effect.

Thanks to the essential oil, Melissa Officinalis has a specific lemon flavour. The herb stores its oil in exogenous receptacles which open once the plant is picked and a considerable part of the oil binds with the atmosphere and evaporates. This is why the Maira Oils team processes the green leafy raw Melissa material very carefully and very hurriedly thus collecting the maximal quantity of all healing ingredients of this infinite plant.

Melissa soothes the nervous system, strengthens immunity, it improves the quality of sleep and chases away anxiety and frustration. In case you have a restless sleep, neurosis or anxiety, if you often lose your temper and are unable to control your nerves, and if you live in a constant uneasiness, trust the Melissa essential oil pearls of Maira Oils.

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