Natural lemon balm essential oil

Lemon balm soothes the nervous system, strengthens immunity, it improves the quality of sleep and chases away anxiety and frustration. It is a genuine balm for the preparation of lotions and creams for aging, sensitive and problematic skin.  It has the property of destroying bacteria causing skin imperfections. It has a strong antibacterial effect and may be used also on wounds after having been added to creams.

The oil is highly concentrated and is not to be applied undiluted to the skin. Like any essential oil it has to be diluted with some of the well-known to us base oils (such as, among other, almond, cocoa and olive oils). Two or three drops of the oil are diluted in 50 ml base oil.


5 ml glass bottle with an integrated dropper.


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Natural lemon balm essential oil

The Melissa officinalis essential oil contains citral, citronellol, geraniol, germacrol D and other substances having spasmolytic effect on the alimentary and on the respiratory system.  It also contains vitamin C, carotene, organic acids and flavonoids. They are beneficial to the body because they fight free radicals in it, strengthen the immune system and have an antioxidant and antiseptic effect. The Melissa officinalis essential oil has also a specific lemon flavour. It stores its oil in exogenous receptacles which open once the plant is picked and a considerable part of the oil binds with the atmosphere and evaporates. This is why the Maira Oils team processes the green leafy raw Melissa material very carefully and very hurriedly thus collecting the maximal quantity of all healing ingredients of this infinite plant.

The Melissa officinalis leaf oil is a natural product produced through distillation of Melissa leaves. The therapeutic effects of this herb are known too little. This is a heavenly encoded plant.

The Melissa oil has numerous applications, ranging from treating rashes and acne to aromatherapy and soothing baths with a few drops of oil added. It is used for treating herpes, dandruff, fungi and lichens. The basic effect of the oil is determined by a few general qualifications: sedative, spasmolytic, strengthening blood vessels, anti-sclerotic, anti-depressive, effective with vegetative vascular disorders. It helps fast acclimatisation, rejuvenates the skin. It is classified as an adaptogen and an aphrodisiac.

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