Anti-cellulite body oil

Ingredients (INCI): Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Cupressus Sempervirens Oil, Limonene.

How to use? For best results apply after a hot shower in the morning and in the evening on wet skin or as massage oil.

100 ml glass bottle with screw cap, inside a printed cardstock box.

68,40 лв.
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Anti-cellulite body oil

Our Anti-cellulite body oil is extremely effective. It improves blood circulation, has diuretic effect and tightens the skin and the muscles. It fights cellulite thanks to its antioxidant and detoxifying properties and the ability to produce collagen. It does not irritate, does not cause allergic reactions, absorbs excellently and does not leave greasy, hard to wash traces. It contains proteins, minerals and fatty acids, and is rich in vitamins A and E. Cypress has the ability to remove any water or fat deposits because it is able to activate blood flow. It stimulates the process of elimination of excessive fluids from the body. Cypress oil improves metabolic processes, which explains the loss of body weight as a result. The elimination of the accumulated fluids from the body leads not only to a reduction of body weight but also to the removal of cellulite.

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