Майра Ойлс

Автентична козметика с български натурални етерични масла! „Майра ойлс“ ЕООД произвежда натурална козметика с масла, които създава в собствена дестилерия. Продукти без консерванти, парабени и химично създадени формули. Фирмената философия е да предлага само продук­ти, които правят кожата нежна, красива, мека и копринена, но наред с това прониквайки чрез нея в организма действат и лечебно на клетъчно ниво. БЕЗПЛАТНА ДОСТАВКА ПРИ ПОРЪЧКА НАД 100 лв!

Maira Oils

Authenthic cosmetics with bulgarian essential oils! Maira Oils Ltd. produces natural cosmetics with natural essential oils which the company makes in their own distillery. The products are free of preservatives, parabens or chemically created formulae. The Company’s philosophy is to offer only products that make the skin tender, beautiful, soft and silky and also, by penetrating in the body through the skin, they have a healing effect at the cellular level.

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Come visit "Maira - The House of Herbs"!

Come visit "Maira - The House of Herbs"!

Located in the village of Oreshak, next to the big parking lot of the Troyan Monastery.
We want to introduce you virtually to this piece of heaven, where you can enjoy the delicious beverages of our tea house, made of custom herbal mixes. You will learn more about our 100% natural cosmetic products in the shop, and you'll get to see up close the process of extracting essential oils - Nature's medicine - from wild herbs in our on-location distillery.
If you're looking for a place to recharge your batteries, to be closer and in touch with nature, this is your spot! What you can see in our House of Herbs:
  • A tea house, where you can try beverages and deserts you never encountered
  • A shop with all our Maira Oils products, created by hand
  • A distillery for wild herbs
  • A workshop for oil based perfumes. ... and lots of positive emotions!